Looking for a way to attract more customers to your brick-and-mortar business? Similar to how getting free instagram followers for your account could help reach potential customers and assist in the communication side of your business, Powermat’s mobile-optimized customer engagement platform is proven to deliver results. Here’s how it works: first, we help you install Powermat Charging Spots that seamlessly match the aesthetics of your particular venue. Why is this a good idea? A resounding 93% of people say that offering wireless charging positively influences where they choose to shop, according to a recent story of more than 300 Powermat users in 5 major U.S. markets. So we know wireless charging can help bring customers in your doors, but it’s what happens next that surprises some business owners. Another way to bring customers through your doors is social media, companies such as Upleap for Instagram can help you to gain a platform for your company. Instagram is a great social media site that you can post professional photographs to and entice followers and new potential customers to view your page and find out more about your business. Instagram is another site that you can use as well as Powermat…

In order to wirelessly charge their smartphones in your store, customers must first download the Powermat app. Once the App is downloaded, you gain insight into your customers — their last visit to your venue, length of stay, the number of special offers they’ve redeemed, etc. Even though you run a brick-and-mortar store, you now have the same insight on your customers’ buying behavior as an online business. And keep in mind, the Powermat platform is for your business, not for third-party advertisers trying to sell other products while customers are in your store.

Armed with all kinds of customer data, you can build campaign calendars and time your advertising campaigns to a specific time of day and/or location, depending on peak periods at your store and/or the age or type of customer you’re trying to attract. You can send customized offers, tailored content and special rewards to your customers in order to generate repeat business and increased revenue. Best of all, you can reach customers anywhere and they’ll be excited to hear from you.

According to our survey, 3 in 4 Powermat users are interested in receiving special offers while charging their phone in store. In fact, we conducted our survey via home page banner ads and achieved a click-thru rate of over 4.3%. And our banner ads didn’t offer any immediate store discounts or prizing. Imagine the results you could garner with customized messages and special offers.

With Powermat’s mobile engagement platform, you can use geo-targeted push-notifications to send special offers to your customers’ phones when they’re in the neighborhood and draw them in store. You can also run gratitude campaigns that entice customers to return to your store with loyalty points, rewards and other exciting promotions.

And the results speak for themselves— our survey shows that 88% of customers are compelled to a visit venue with Powermat wireless charging more often, and over half will visit a venue more than twice a week. In addition to generating repeat business, Powermat can help boost your business’ sales. Our survey shows that 86% of customers spend more time in stores that offer wireless charging, and two-thirds of them end up spending more money. Furthermore, 9 in 10 customers said they’d recommend a store that offers wireless charging, and 85% believe offering Powermat technology creates a positive impact on a business’ brand image.

If you want to transform your brick-and-mortar business into a fully mobile-optimized venue capable of driving customers to your location, visit our mobile engagement platform page for more information.