Wireless Charging is Safe

Wireless Charging is Safe

The short answer is that wireless charging is definitely safe. The electromagnetic field created by a wireless charger is insignificantly little, no more than a home or office WiFi network.

Rest assured that you can safely wirelessly charge your mobile device on your night stand and on your office desk.

Electromagnetic field

Are Electromagnetic Fields Safe?

Now for the long answer: Many are concerned about the safety of electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless charging systems. This safety topic has been studied since the 1950’s and exposure standards and guidelines have been developed by independent scientific organizations (such as ICNIRP) assuring a substantial safety margin.

Powermat develops wireless charging systems according to the harshest exposure standards.

Safety Regulations & Standards

Safety Regulations & Standards

Powermat runs rigorous testing and complies with the highest standards of safety when developing our wireless chargers. Our testing is performed according to the applicable regulations and guidelines such as the FCC in the United States and CE in Europe.

Does wireless charging harm battery life span?

Does Wireless Charging Harm Battery Life Span?

The capacity of mobile phone batteries inevitably degrade over time. Some may ask whether wireless charging has a negative effect on battery capacity. Actually, what will lengthen your battery’s life is to charge it periodically and keep the battery percentage from varying widely, charging behavior that is typical with wireless charging. Maintaining the battery between 45%-55% is the best strategy.

Safety advantages of a sealed system

Safety Advantages of a Sealed System

Wireless charging has the advantage of being a sealed system, there are no exposed electrical connectors or ports. This creates a safe product, protecting users from hazardous incidents and not sensitive to water or other liquids.

In addition, wireless charging takes one step closer to a full water-proof device, now that the charging port isn’t required.

Wireless charger durability

Wireless Charger Durability

Powermat’s Charging Spots have been in the market for several years, installed in public spaces such as restaurants, coffee shops and hotels. Embedded in the tables, they have absorbed probably any cleaning detergent you can think of, and proved to be durable and long-lasting.