Powermat the wireless charging pioneer
First to market

The Wireless Charging Pioneer

Established in 2006, Powermat set the goal to make wireless charging accessible for everyone. Wireless charging was originally discovered by the inventor Nicola Tesla over one thousand years ago. Powermat was the first commercial company that fully developed the technology into a commercialized solution. Since it was established before the formation of the wireless charging standards, Powermat’s Intellectual Property covers many of the wireless charging foundation elements. Visit our IP portfolio page for more information.

Powermat works relentlessly and invests heavy resources in order to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to wireless charging technology. Powermat has always offered the most advanced wireless charging technology and continues to develop new technology use cases on a regular basis.

Powermat owns the largest wireless charging network
Wireless Charging Everywhere

Owns the Largest Network

Wireless charging is changing the paradigm of our charging behavior. Instead of lengthy charging sessions once or twice a day (most of us usually charge during nighttime), wireless charging enables short yet meaningful charging sessions, plenty of times per day. Wireless charging is becoming available everywhere – in public spaces such as restaurants, hotels and airports, in cars, in trains, and more. Now you can charge throughout the day, without having to worry about bringing cables, whether the cable will work or bending underneath the table trying to locate the closest power socket.

Powermat’s wireless charging is installed in leading brands around the globe, including Starbucks, Whole Foods, Dunkin’ Donuts, Samsung, DuPont, and more.


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Know Your Customers

The Most Advanced Mobile Engagement Platform

Powermat does wireless charging technology, but we don’t forget to pay close attention to our customers and what they need. The Powermat wireless charging solution includes a mobile engagement platform, designed to help the venues get the most of their wireless charging solution. The venue offers its customers accessible power, and in return gets the opportunity to engage with the customers and get to know them better.

Powermat's wireless charging solutions are universal
Accessible for everyone

Provides Universal Solutions

As part of our goal to make wireless charging accessible to everyone, we make sure that all our wireless charging solution are compatible to all standards available in the market. Bringing the best user experience we can offer, Powermat stays ahead of the curve and offers the fastest wireless charging speed rate (even faster then what mobile phones can handle today).

Powermat’s wireless charging solutions are compatible with Qi, Qi Fast Charge, AirFuel Inductive (PMA), Samsung Fast Charge and Apple 7.5W.

Powermat team
Our People

Interdisciplinary & Experienced Team

Powermat developed a wireless charging solution that takes everything in consideration. Hardware, product design, firmware, the mobile application. Many of our employees have been in the company for years, and have vast experience working with wireless charging technology. In the past few years, we also had mobile app programmers join our team. Today, our products are developed in-house to make sure everything is top notch and adheres to the highest standards.

Powermat’s engineers developed SmartInductive™ technology, taking wireless charging to the next level. SmartInductive offers mid power wireless charging technology that can charge more devices such as tablets and laptops.

Over the years, Powermat has worked with leading OEM brands such as GM, Samsung & LG, developing new wireless charging applications and use cases. Recently we have engaged with more OEM brands such as LG Automotive, Delphi and more, aspiring to fulfill the potential of wireless charging into more use cases and more applications.