You’ve probably come to us to help you choose wireless chargers for your business, whether it’s a restaurant, a shopping mall or even an airport. You’ve come to the right place! Powermat was first to commercialize wireless charging and an expert in this subject. Many even get confused and call all Charging Spots by our company name “Powermat” :-).

Wireless chargers in public place businesses are used often, by different people using different phone models, sometimes in wet environments, and are usually installed for a while as they are integrated in surfaces. Therefore when looking for suitable wireless chargers for your business you should look for the following features:

Upgradeable Software

The wireless charging standards are still in fluctuation and therefore it’s important to make sure that when installing an infrastructure of wireless charging in your business, you should make sure it is future proof by upgradeable software.

Such an example is the Wireless Power Consortium’s current effort to release an updated specification that will include Qi authentication of transmitters to mobile phones. This authentication will help mobile phones verify that the transmitters are Qi compliant and safe to use, especially as we see the charging speeds rise. All leading mobile phone manufacturers are expected to adopt this for faster charging towards the end of 2019.

Authentication support requires major changes to transmitter software and requires the transmitter to be able to support storage of key information. Transmitters that will not support these extensions would not be able to fast charge with newer phones (and they will revert to slow 5W charging only).

Powermat’s wireless Charging Spots are connected to the cloud, allowing us to continually upgrade our installed Charging Spot’s software with all the new technology advancements.

Universal Compatibility

To promise the best wireless charging experience for all customers, the wireless charger needs to be compatible with all available wireless charging standards in the market. Qi is the widest adopted standard in the market for charging up to 5W. For higher speeds we can see proprietary wireless charging protocols such as Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charge, Apple’s 7.5W fast charge and Google’s 10W fast charge.

Powermat is able to upgrade its Charging Spots in order to keep up with the new technology extensions as they appear in the market, making sure the user experience will be the best to all users.

Robust Hardware

Wireless chargers in public places should be able to physically withhold frequent usage for a long period of time. As they are usually installed in public spaces such as restaurants, they should be sturdy enough to last through occasion liquid spills and cleaning solvents.

Powermat is the market pioneer and has the largest wireless charging network in the public space for 5 years now. Our hardware has proved to be resilient and most suitable for the public space.

Reputable Manufacturer

Many manufactures claim to produce wireless chargers these days. Only a few are truly reputable, using original technology licensed patents and have wide experience in public space infrastructure.

For Powermat this is a “no brainer” since we were first to market with our public space wireless chargers! Moreover, Powermat submitted over 200 patents concerning wireless charging, over 115 of them have already been approved. Powermat has a strong Research & Development team that continues to enhance wireless charging capabilities in addition to maintaining our strong infrastructure quality and universal compatibility.


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