What is Automotive Wireless Charging with Integrated NFC Communication?

What is Automotive Wireless Charging with Integrated NFC Communication?

Wireless charging has become a critical part of the driving experience.  But power is only one piece of this puzzle related to the smartphone experience in the car. The second is connectivity or more specifically, the use of NFC-based connectivity.

By combining wireless power and NFC connectivity auto manufacturers can offer their clients a truly connected personalized in-cabin experience.

NFC communication when used in in-cabin wireless charging technology enables driver & passenger authentication, fast pairing with the vehicle infotainment system via Bluetooth/WiFi, digital key 2.0 functionality, and personalized vehicle setting customizations such as infotainment, navigation pre-sets, automatic mirror positioning, and more.

Powermat Wireless Charging & NFC Connectivity System Highlights

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Seamless Interoperability

Powermat's combined wireless charging and NFC system design comes with seamless system interoperability, ensuring high-performance charging with secure NFC data transfer.

Fully Connected Cabin Experience

Powermat’s solution enables advanced NFC-Based connected car features such as driver and passenger authentication, personalized settings, fast pairing via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, digital key 2.0, and more.
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NFC Card Protection

NFC card protection functionality provides an additional layer of protection from the magnetic field for NFC card antennas which may be inserted into a Smartphone sleeve or placed on the wireless charger itself.

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