POWERMAT INNOVATION Advanced Wireless Power Technology

Advanced Wireless Power Technology

Powermat Technologies is a global provider of wireless power solutions and the first to bring wireless charging technology to consumers worldwide. We develop advanced Qi-certified and proprietary wireless power solutions for various industries and use cases based on magnetic induction, also known as inductive charging.

Inductive Charging Innovation
Inductive Charging Innovation

Powermat SmartInductive™

Based on magnetic induction, Powermat SmartInductive™ Technology provides a broader scope of capabilities than traditional magnetic induction solutions found in the market today. The unique Powermat SmartInductive™ approach offers a hybrid solution between inductive wireless charging and resonance, capturing the best of both worlds. Powermat SmartInductive™ provides more power, more freedom of positioning, longer ranges between wireless power transmitters & receivers, and lower implementation costs.

Powermat SmartInductive™ designs are applicable for a large array of use cases, ranging from Qi-certified solutions for automotive in-cabin chargers to mid-range wireless charging for IoT infrastructure and robotics. Powermat SmartInductive™ technology also includes fast data transfer over the wireless power link, providing a wide variety of connectivity, data & management features.

Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Technology

Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Technology

Powermat offers a wide variety of Qi-certified wireless power solutions for multitudes of use cases, including automotive-grade in-cabin wireless chargers, low-cost consumer electronics wireless charging receiver & transmitter solutions, and our unique Qi-certified drill-free through-surface wireless charger (MP-16). Powermat technology and patent portfolio comply with the highest standards, such as the Wireless Power Consortium Qi standard.

Wireless Power Technology Over Longer Distances
Powermat SmartInducitve™ Technology

Wireless Power Technology Over Longer Distances

Powermat SmartInducitvewireless power technology enables power transfer over longer distances up to 40 cm, supports wireless charging with substantial misalignment (even in angular positioning), and is fit for charging & powering devices wirelessly through walls, over a distance,  in challenging outdoor conditions, underwater or even in highly metallic environments. 

Powermat technology provides support for fixed-distance installations as well as dynamic installations, in which case the transmitter learns the exact distance to the receiver and optimizes the operation point accordingly. Powermat SmartInductive™ technology also supports power transfer at high misalignment and even in angular positioning

Wireless Charging Implementation

Turnkey Wireless Power Solutions

Powermat offers holistic wireless power technology platforms, including power management functionalities and system interface integration. Our software algorithm-based wireless power architecture enables minimizing receiver rectified voltage fluctuations, supports charger functionality integration, addresses different battery chemistries, enables charging multiple battery cells, and provides battery management capabilities such as Fuel gauging, DC, and DC functionality, power source switching, and more – according to product requirements.

Powermat’s wireless power technology supports different implementation types and enables the transmitter to receive power from both standard and alternative sources, i.e., standard DC sources, batteries, or even direct connection to PV cells, implementing MPPT functionality.

Powermat SmartInductive™ Wireless Power Technology Highlights

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Supporting tightly coupled systems (high k>0.4) and very loosely coupled systems (low k=0.01) with high misalignment flexibility, including angular charging support.
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A single system that operates both highly-coupled inductive wireless charging mode and loosely-coupled mode working at a resonance frequency.
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From ultra-low power to 300W. Supporting DC-DC and coming soon AC-AC configurations.


Fast in-band data transfer communication over the wireless power link using optimized DSP code over standard controller architecture to implement dynamic equalizers and overcome channel reflections. System supports up to 100kbps with no added hardware.
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End-to-end platforms that include power management solutions and multi-source charging (e.g., PV).
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Mature, safe, and low-cost single software-based MCU solutions designed for high-volume production.