First to offer wireless charging
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First to offer wireless charging

In 2006, Powermat was the first company to offer wireless charging technology to consumers around the world. Since then, we have developed platforms for magnetic induction wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, which have been embedded into the heart of billions of devices.
We continue to drive wireless charging innovation because we believe that, while the adoption of inductive charging is at an all-time high, the potential of this innovative technology is yet to be maximized.

Powermat Inductive wireless charging technology

What is Inductive Charging?

Inductive charging is a means of creating an alternating electromagnetic field to safely and efficiently transfer energy between a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, both of which contain an induction coil. When placed in close proximity to the transmitter, the receiver unit receives the electromagnetic field and converts into power. Using in-band signaling to communicate, the two units are able to regulate power levels and manage the charging.

SmartInductive technology
Bringing wireless charging to everyone

SmartInductive™ Technology

SmartInductive technology enables magnetic induction fields to be transferred over greater distances, while maintaining compatibility with existing wireless charging technologies on the market. Using a unique coil structure and advanced signal processing, SmartInductive technology enables highly efficient and safe transfer of up to 40W of power through surfaces up to 1.5 inches thick. With higher power capabilities, the SmartInductive technology is built to power a wide range of devices, from headsets to laptops.

Charge any embedded device

Inductive Multi-Standard Compatibility

To provide full coverage for the wide range of devices on the market, Powermat inductive wireless charging technology is compatible with all inductive charging standards, including Qi and AirFuel (PMA). Powermat also supports Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging technology with up to 10W of power, and Apple 7.5W.

Powermat Inductive Charging Features

Fast wireless charging


Fast charging capabilities
for improved user experience
Universal wireless charging solution


Charges all embedded
Efficient wireless charging solution


High energy transfer
Advanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD) mechanisms


Advanced Foreign Object
Detection (FOD) mechanisms

Standard Inductive vs. SmartInductive™ Charging Spot 4.0

Standard Inductive Chargers
SmartInductive Charging Spot 4.0
Currently 5W
New Models 15W
Up to 40W
Power Efficiency
Device Support
Qi based devices
Qi, Samsung Fast Charge, Apple 7.5W, AirFuel-Inductive (PMA) devices
Installation surface maximal thickness
Up to 8mm
Up to 40mm
Thermal dissipation methods
Requires heat dissipation mechanisms
Lower surface temperatures.
No requirement for heat dissipation
OTA & Connectivity
Not included or partial
Full OTA upgrade.
BLE connectivity for management and monetization services