You have 20 minutes before you need to leave the office for your next meeting. You notice that your battery is at 18%. You stress out. This is exactly where fast charging comes to the rescue.

How does Wireless Charging work?

Let’s go over the basics of charging first: Volts measure Voltage, the strength of the electric current. Amps measure the current, the amount of electricity. When multiplying volts by amps, you get Watts, the total power. The known analogy is comparing power to water in a garden hose: Volts are the water pressure in the hose; the current is like the water flow rate; the watts measure an equivalent to the volume of the water coming out of the hose.
In order to provide fast wireless charging, manufacturers push the amps or vary the voltage in order to increase the total power.

Don’t forget to optimize your Wireless Charging

In wireless charging, standard retail chargers in the market reach 5W. Premium chargers use proprietary protocols for fast wireless charging. The popular ones are Apple’s protocol that can reach 7.5W and Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge that can reach 10W.
When charging a mobile phone it’s important to consider the technological capabilities of both the transmitter (the charger) and the receiver (the phone). Each has its limitations and capabilities, therefore in order to achieve the most efficient wireless charging experience it’s necessary to match the two; i.e make sure that the phone is able to receive the power provided by the transmitter. For example, if you buy a fast charger up to 7.5W for your iPhone, but you haven’t updated the phone’s software, then you won’t be able to reach 7.5W and you will continue to charge 5W.

Powermat’s Fast Wireless Charger

Powermat’s recently launched Charging Spot 4.0 can provide 40W (!), however none of the phones available in the market today are able to receive such high power. Charging Spot 4.0 was designed as a future-proof technology, and is suitable to wirelessly charge larger devices such as tablets and laptops. For mobile phones, it provides a fast & safe wireless charging experience, compatible with all wireless charging protocols. So yes, it will charge Apple devices at 7.5W and Samsung devices at 10W.


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Charging Spot 4.0