Imagine a young suited-up business man, let’s call him John, getting into his shiny Cadillac. It’s clear that he’s in a hurry, probably late for an important business meeting. Naturally he places his smartphone near the audio compartment, like we all do when getting into our car. But this is where the magic starts: the smartphone immediately starts to recharge itself. John can use his phone regularly like he always does, making calls and listening to music.

John doesn’t need to give his smartphone battery a single thought all day. The battery automatically charges when he’s driving. He doesn’t need to deal with cables at all. The old-fashioned scenario of plugging in your phone in the best case, or dealing with torn cables and car chargers that don’t work in the worst case, are a thing of the past.

Although it seems like a futuristic scenario, it’s not. Powermat was the first wireless charging company to penetrate the in car wireless charging market, working with automotive manufacturers since 2010.

Powermat’s in car wireless charging

Powermat’s in car wireless charging network is the most widely deployed in the market and is continuing to grow every day. In 2017, over 6 million cars will be sold with embedded wireless charging including cars from Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick and more. The future looks even better, as research says that by 2020 there will be 50M cars in the market with in-car wireless charging.

Wireless charging in your car is a crucial part of Powermat’s vision to enable living Life at 100%. Running your busy day without worrying about your smartphone battery dying, can be enabled by wirelessly charging your phone wherever you go. Whether you’re in the office conference room, at the gym, drinking coffee in your regular coffee shop or eating lunch at a fancy restaurant. Simply place your smartphone on the wireless Charging Spot located on the table next to you, and your phone automatically recharges and you can go ahead with what you really need to do. Wireless charging in your car complements this lifestyle and reduces battery anxiety throughout the day, whenever and wherever you go.

To learn more about wireless charging basics, visit our Wireless Charging guide. And stay tuned for more developments in the automotive market coming from Powermat soon!