2018 was an important year for Powermat and the wireless charging market. After Apple joined the wireless charging party in September 2017 with supporting devices, everyone talked about 2018 as the definitive year for the wireless charging market, and they were right. During 2018, most of the mobile device manufacturers launched devices with embedded wireless charging, the market for home wireless chargers has increased significantly and we are seeing Charging Spots in more and more public spaces around the globe. Forecasts of the market looking forward are continuing to show substantial growth.

Wireless Charging Network

Focusing on public places, deploying wireless charging in public places is the natural next step for improved customer service. We are all familiar with the distress the lack of mobile phone battery can cause us. We are always looking for solutions, whether it’s carrying chargers with us all day, leaning under tables looking for power outlets or even locking our phones in charging lockers while shopping.
We believe that charging your phone should fit your busy schedule and not the other way around. Therefore charging while breaking for lunch or dinner makes a lot of sense – your phone has the chance to recharge, just like you are with your meal.

Mobile Engagement

Moreover, by downloading the relevant activation app (it can be the Powermat app or the brand’s app) you can also gain much more – eat at your favorite restaurant and get rewards and discounts for your current or next visit. Since you are already a customer and will probably visit again anyway, it really is a win-win situation and everyone gains. For more information on the Powermat mobile engagement platform, visit the product page here.

Looking for wireless charging?

If you are looking for a place to wirelessly charge your phone and perhaps find out more of what the app can do for you, you are welcome to download the Powermat app here, or check out our Wireless Charging Locator on our website here.

Looking forward to 2019, we are happy to say that we have a lot going on, so stay tuned here and on our social media channels to keep up!


Have a Happy New Year,

From the Powermat team