Every day at around 4pm most of us start getting nervous and deliberate whether our phone battery will survive the day with us. We start looking for wall sockets, asking strangers if they can spare a charging cable for a few minutes (after verifying their cable suits our phone of course), sitting on the floor in public spaces while connected to the wall, bending underneath tables looking for those elusive sockets. Obviously none of these are an optimal solution.

Mobile phones don’t keep up

Mobile phone these days have become very strong computers, demanding the highest standards of performance, speed and processing. In order to maintain the sleek form factor of the device, mobile manufacturers don’t have room to increase the battery anymore and the technology is just not capable to increase battery life within the same size as of today.

The Powermat solution

Powermat offers a new paradigm of how to best maintain battery throughout the day – we call it Power-as-a-Service. This new concept revolutionizes behavior patterns and requires all of us to think outside-the-box. So what does it mean? Instead of charging overnight connected to a wall socket close to your bed (which is not recommended), Powermat suggest something different. Wireless Charging Spots shall be available everywhere we go – allowing us to simply place our mobile phone on these Charging Spots anytime we like. We won’t even notice we are charging since the experience is seamless – the phone is placed on the table near us all the time anyway.

Wireless power everywhere

Charging Spots will be found in your living room, at the desk in your office, on the train, in the restaurant where you eat lunch, in the gym and while waiting for your doctors’ appointment. Yes, that’s right, basically everywhere, providing us continuous bursts of power throughout our day and overcoming the challenge of maintaining battery power.
Powermat has already started to implement this vision, and today you can find Powermat wireless Charging Spots in many public spaces around the globe. Download the Powermat app to find a location near you. If you own a public space and want to join the revolution of wireless charging, contact us here.

And remember – We should all live life at 100%.