Powermat’s Live Presentation from Ecomotion Week 2021
by Powermat’s VP Product Aya Kantor

With over a decade of experience and millions of cars deployed in the field, Powermat specializes in delivering end-to-end, tailor-fitted automotive-grade reference designs for automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers. Based on magnetic induction, Powermat’s patented technology, SmartInductive™, provides a broader scope of capabilities than traditional magnetic induction solutions found in the market today. Our unique SmartInductive™ approach offers a hybrid solution between inductive wireless charging and resonance, capturing the best of both worlds.

Powermat’s in-car wireless charging technology key highlights include:

  • Highly Efficient Fast Charging

  • More Range & High Misalignment
    Powermat’s Qi-certified SmartInductive™ technology operates in lower coupling factors that provide more spatial freedom. Our SmartInductive technology offers 66% more active area per coil compared to standard Qi-based systems.

  • Unique System Architecture
    Powermat removes the need for a standard DC2DC block, reducing overall system losses and enabling higher efficiency. Higher efficiency translates to lower thermal build-up, enabling faster charging over more extended periods.

  • Low-Cost Design
    Powermat’s software-based, single-chip solution with minimal peripheral components provides automotive-grade solutions at ½ the BOM cost.

  • CISPR 25 class 5 Certified SolutionWireless Power Combined with Advanced NFC Connectivity Features that Include
    CAN FD, NFC (NFC card detection capabilities, device BT or WiFi pairing, keyless car and car feature personalization) along with a customizable system interface.

Comparative Analysis 

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