Now that Apple embraced wireless charging, we are starting to see more and more of it all around us – wireless charging is everywhere. Journalists are comparing market available wireless chargers and continuously writing articles about how wireless charging changed their lives (it really does, but we’ll talk about it in one of our next blog posts). Online and Brick & Mortar retail stores are pushing wireless chargers – locating them in more prominent areas in stores and offering special deals to promote them. Mobile phone companies are promoting wireless chargers as well, with offers that usually include buying a mobile phone with a bundled wireless charger.
You can also find wireless charging in electric toothbrushes and in small accessories, such as earbuds and smartwatches. There’s even a laptop that can wirelessly charge, but it’s very expensive and out of reach for most consumers. Do you love keeping up to date with all the latest electronics and gadgets? If so, you might want to head to a product review site such as where you can find detailed information about products such as wireless earbuds, drones, and electric razors. Electronics do sometimes come at a high cost though. Nonetheless, those whose budgets don’t quite stretch to cover the things they want to buy could turn to credit to afford them. If your credit application is rejected, you can check your credit report for mistakes so that you can sort them out ASAP.

We thought you would be interested to get a glimpse into the future! Here are some new and interesting applications where we are starting to see wireless charging:


Portable speakers are gaining traction, and it’s pretty common seeing them in parks, on the beach, or even while riding a bicycle. It seems natural to place them on a wireless charger when arriving home, preparing them for the next fun time out. Not to mention that they connect wirelessly to our smartphones via Bluetooth, in order to play music. Wireless charging completes the wireless experience, no doubt.

Smart Clothes

The concept of developing “smart clothes” is now beginning, and like wearables, soon our clothes will be able to measure physical vitals and survive washing machines too. Much more convenient than having to strap a sensor to your arm. And for more convenience, wireless charging these clothes just makes sense.


The drone market is rising. Originally developed mostly for army applications, there are many companies all around the globe working to improve the technology, specializing in different possible applications, many of them include autonomous operations whether if it’s for shipping or security. Bottom line relevant to our conversation is that no matter what, they will always need power. Wireless charging fits autonomous drones like a glove, streamlining operations for improved efficiency.


The US Navy is developing an under-water wireless charger for its unmanned undersea submarines. Currently they are having a hard time plugging in, which means only a human can connect them to a power socket. Wireless charging under-water will enable additional applications opening an ocean of opportunities and uses cases.


China’s space scientists are exploring ways to wirelessly charge rockets, yes, yes, you are reading correctly. Of course there’s a lot of sense since cables are very heavy and hold a variety of risks. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.


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