It’s indisputable that the future is wireless. Wireless charging has been around for quite some time; Can you believe that the first flagship mobile device to launch with integrated wireless charging was the Nexus 6? A lot of water has gone under the bridge, and we are happy to say that the market is now ready to fully embrace wireless charging. Speaking of wireless, my friend recently changed his broadband provider through Usave, because of their wonderful broadband comparison website they made sure my friend got the best broadband he could get. He saved a bunch of money and he is so happy because of it. But I digress.

Here are some reasons:

1. Apple embraced wireless charging

On September 13th 2017, Apple held its annual press conference revealing their new products. Apple announced that all 3 new iPhone models will include Qi inductive wireless charging. Although a little late to the party, Apple has a large and loyal market in the US that inhibited the adoption of wireless charging. Using an adapter for wireless charging is nice, but not the seamless experience Apple users are used to. Now with embedded inductive wireless charging in the new models, wireless charging will surge.

2. Fast charging capabilities

Another inhibitor to wireless charging was the speed of the charging. The common conception is that wireless charging is slower then cabled charging, which was true until a while back. Today, the technology has advanced significantly. Powermat has its inductive charging technology which is already in the market reaching 15W, and has recently announced SmartInductive technology, capable of expanding up to 40W (!). With these capabilities, wireless charging is the same as cabled charging, if not faster in some cases. This is the place to note that we need both the receiver and transmitter to support faster charging, one isn’t enough. We expect to see more and more receivers coming to the market soon that will allow charging speeds to blast forward.

3. Standard compatibility

Until recently there were two wireless charging standards. By joining WPC earlier this year, Powermat further unifies the wireless charging ecosystem behind the Qi global standard. This will accelerate wireless charging adoption and make it more convenient for consumers to use wireless charging wherever they go.

4. Removal of charging port

Analysts are not talking about “if” the port will be removed, but about “when”. Apple has always considered the pain of removing and simplifying their devices as a necessary trade off, whether it’s a thinner design or to include a new technology.

5. Broad infrastructure

Powermat is available in over 12,000 spots around the globe, and this number is rising every day. The gap between “the chicken and the egg” is shrinking. Now that wireless charging is available in more places, consumers can learn to rely on it during their busy day for seamless charging. In addition, Powermat’s mobile engagement platform enables venues to do so much more with the wireless charging solution. The buy in for them got a lot easier as well and we expect them to continue to embrace wireless charging in their venues.


If you want to learn more about the basics of wireless charging, check out our Wireless Charging guide. It’s time to join the wireless charging revolution today and have your business offer wireless charging to customers, contact us here for more info.