Dan Stone, CEO of Compucom, Appointed Chairman of the Board of Powermat

Powermat is in a critical position

Mr. Stone was appointed CEO of CompuCom, a leading technology infrastructure services company, in November 2016 after serving for two years as EVP and President of CompuCom’s End-User Enablement business unit. Before joining CompuCom, Mr. Stone served as President and General Manager of Lenovo Latin America, a $3B business division, where he led 7,000 employees across 15 countries and two continents, and operated six vertically integrated manufacturing sites. Previously, Mr. Stone was Chief Strategy Officer at Lenovo and also held roles at McKinsey & Company. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business Administration from Hebrew University. “Powermat has an incredibly strong technology vision and has truly pioneered the wireless charging segment, so I’m very energized to help them progress to the next level,” said Mr. Stone. “Powermat will be in a critical position in the coming years as the Internet of Things ecosystem becomes much more ubiquitous and consumers increasingly expect and frankly demand an ‘always on’ environment for their smart devices.”


About Powermat

Powermat is the pioneer and leader of the wireless power industry. Powermat creates points of engagement between service companies and their customers through an integrated, simple and powerful charging platform. Powermat goes beyond hardware charging solutions by providing a platform that includes a consumer application for continued customer interaction; and monitoring and analysis tools for streamlined support and better business decision-making through trend-spotting and customer intelligence.