Powermat Launches an Innovative Wireless Power Solution Designed for Small IoT Devices

Powermat PMT 100 enables a small form factor and reduces wireless implementation costs by up to 50 percent, further enhancing the user experience of IoT devices

Powermat, Israel – May 10, 2022Powermat Technologies, the global leader and developer of advanced wireless power solutions, today announced the release of the new Powermat PMT 100 Wireless Power Solution, which is designed to meet the needs of small medical, lifestyle, and smart home internet of things (IoT) devices. From fitness trackers and medical sensors to industrial sensors that increase operational efficiency, Powermat PMT 100 enables higher performance levels and a seamless charging user experience at a price point that supports scale.

The PMT 100 receiver is designed for small form factor IoT devices for wireless power and charging, supporting battery charging functionality and smart battery interfaces. With no receiver microcontroller and minimal peripheral components, the Powermat PMT 100 supports the design and development of smaller, more discreet portable products and reduces overall wireless power implementation costs by up to 50 percent.

Powermat PMT 100 leverages Powermat SmartInductive™ Technology, which is based on magnetic induction but allows for a broader scope of capabilities than traditional magnetic induction solutions found in the market today. Powermat SmartInductive™ Technology offers a hybrid solution between inductive wireless charging and resonance, producing more power, more freedom of positioning, longer ranges between wireless power transmitters and receivers, and lower implementation costs.

“IoT is unlocking massive business value and stands to revolutionize considerable aspects of our society,” said Powermat CEO Elad Dubzinski. “Whether in the form of small personal health trackers that senses COVID exposure or at-home smart security systems, these devices need reliable wireless power and seamless connectivity to unlock their full functionality—that’s where the Powermat comes in.”

Powermat PMT 100 Wireless Power Solution Key Features

  • Power Range:
    • Receiver max power output: 40W
    • Receiver max voltage: 30V
    • Max current: 2A
  • Extremely small PCBA enabling product miniaturization
  • Coil support:
    • Litz wire or PCB coil
    • Coil diameter >=10mm
  • Easy drop and charge solutions for increased misalignment and angular device placement
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Battery charging and support of smart battery interface
  • Cost-saving solution – up to 50% cost reduction in comparison to standard wireless power receivers
  • Powermat transmitter solution compatible

It is estimated that by 2030, IoT could unlock $5.5 to $12.6 trillion in economic value globally, including the value captured by consumers and customers of IoT products and services. Powermat is at the forefront of wireless power technology innovation in smart mobility, autonomous robotics, industrial drones, medical devices, telecom and IoT, and is experiencing considerable growth in the market for IoT charging solutions. Powermat recently announced a $25 million Series B round led by Hudson Sustainable Group and global manufacturing leader Foxconn Interconnect Technology.

Image #1: Powermat PMT 100 receiver
Image #2: Powermat PMT 100 High Level Block Diagram of an IoMT Device

About Powermat Technologies

Powermat Technologies provides advanced Qi-certified and proprietary wireless power solutions for IoT, telecom (5G), automotive, robotics, consumer electronics, medical devices, and industrial applications. Powermat wireless power solutions and IP licensing programs enable global businesses to incorporate advanced wireless power into their products and customize solutions for unique use cases. Global market leaders including Samsung, General Motors, Flex, Harman International, Pivotal Commware, and Kyocera have adopted Powermat wireless power solutions. Over 800 million smartphones, 40 million embedded accessories, and 8 million cars worldwide have Powermat solutions inside.

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