Powermat Exhibiting at EcoMotion 2022

wireless charging platform that is designed to manage power and data sharing across the entire fleet of vehicles. This results in a wider layer of applications related to shared micromobility, unlocking new opportunities to enhance the rider experience. Working with Powermat, micromobility providers benefit from lower-maintenance operations, more efficient charging management, enhanced battery safety, increased charging times, and extended battery lifetime for their vehicles. 

For automakers and global tier-1 suppliers in search of cost-effective, trusted solutions to implement quickly into vehicle production, Powermat provides wireless charging integrated with NFC communication that enables a cord-free connected in-car experience as well as driver & passenger authentication, fast pairing with the vehicle infotainment system via Bluetooth/WiFi, digital key 2.0 functionality, and personalized vehicle setting customizations. The platform offers a full performance automotive in-cabin system for vehicles, two-wheelers, public transportation, and aviation at up to ½ the bill of materials (BOM) cost compared to competing products in the market. With millions of field-proven in-car wireless charging solutions already embedded inside vehicles worldwide. 

“We are excited to reconnect with the global mobility community in person after two years of mostly virtual events. We have been hard at work evolving our offerings for automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and micromobility providers such as HARMAN International and City Transformer. We look forward to building new customer relationships and demonstrating the benefits of advanced wireless power face to face at EcoMotion,” said Powermat CEO Elad Dubzinski.  

 A joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute (NGO), the Smart Mobility Initiative (PMO) and the Ministry of Economy, EcoMotion is a platform for startups to connect with global mobility industry, as well as entrepreneurs, academy, government, investors to collaborate, network, and explore synergies. The dynamic and growing community includes over 600 startups and 13,000 professionals.    

About Powermat Technologies  

Powermat is transforming how industries keep devices powered to unlock the full potential of a more connected, mobile, and autonomous world. The company’s wireless power platforms and IP licensing program enable global businesses to incorporate advanced wireless power technology into their products and customize solutions for unique use cases. Global market leaders including Foxconn Interconnect Technologies, Samsung, General Motors, Flex, Harman International, Pivotal Commware, and Kyocera have adopted Powermat Technologies, and its solutions can be found in over 800 million smartphones, 40 million embedded accessories, and 8 million cars worldwide.  

For more information, visit www.powermat.com 

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