Powermat to Participate at Sensors Converge Expo and Embedded Technologies Conference

Powermat will exhibit solutions from its DC Power – Powermat PMT Family, and VP of Product will discuss challenges and opportunities for advancements in wireless power to maximize investments in autonomous fleets of robotics and drones.

Powermat, Israel – June 7, 2022Powermat Technologies, Ltd., the global leader and developer of advanced wireless power solutions, today announced its upcoming participation at Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference, the largest embedded and IoT gathering in North America taking place June 27-29 in San Jose, CA. Co-located with Sensors Converge, the event series brings together over 5,000 members of the global engineering community to steer the sensors and electronics industry into the future, drawing speakers from companies such as Google, Schneider Electric and Microsoft, in addition to Actor and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Adrian Grenier.

“We’re excited to reconnect in-person with the global engineering community after two long years of virtual events. In that time, Powermat has worked diligently to develop wireless charging and power management offerings for our industrial robotics partners, including Jetsons Robotics. Powermat’s wireless power technology greatly improves efficiency and cost savings, and we look forward to sharing it with potential new customers at Sensors Converge,” said Powermat CEO Elad Dubzinski.

Powermat will exhibit its industry-leading wireless power solutions at booth #636. In addition, the company’s VP of Product, Aya Kantor will present on the Recent Advancements in Embedded Systems track Tuesday, June 28 at 1:30 pm:

  • Unlocking ROI of Autonomous Fleets, Robotics and Drones with New Approaches to Flexible Wireless Charging Architecture: Powermat VP of Product Aya Kantor will discuss key power challenges for autonomous technologies, such as industrial robotics and drones, and how new approaches to wireless charging can enable full fleet autonomy to greatly enhance operational efficiencies and maximize an organization’s ROI in autonomous technologies.

Powermat will showcase products from its DC Power – Powermat PMT Family at the event:

Powermat PMT 100 Wireless Power Solution – A medium 40W wireless power solution without a microcontroller on the receiver side and can be tailored to fit specific product requirements for medical devices, IoT, and portable and wearable devices.

Powermat PMT 200 Wireless Power Solution – A standard wireless power solution up to 40W and can be tailored to fit specific product requirements for industrial robotics, power tools, automotive sensors, IoT, drones, and medical devices.

Powermat PMT 250 Wireless Power Solution – A mid-range wireless power solution up to 150W and can be tailored to fit specific product requirements for e-bikes and carts, medical devices, commercial and consumer robotics, smart home and office devices, and handheld devices.

Powermat PMT 300 Wireless Power Solution – A medium to high wireless power solution up to 300W and can be tailored to fit specific product requirements for industrial and commercial robotics, high powered domestic robotics, large drones, high powered Telecom edge technologies (CPE), handheld devices and power tools, e-bikes and carts, and large batteries.

Powermat is at the forefront of wireless power technology innovation in smart mobility, autonomous robotics, industrial drones, medical devices, telecom and IoT. Powermat PMT solutions leverage Powermat SmartInductive™ Technology, which is based on magnetic induction but allows for a broader scope of capabilities than traditional magnetic induction solutions found in the market today. Powermat SmartInductive™ Technology offers a hybrid solution between inductive wireless charging and resonance, producing more power, more freedom of positioning, longer ranges between wireless power transmitters and receivers, and lower implementation costs.

To schedule a one-on-one meeting or to receive additional information, please contact Powermat’s media relations team at powermat@antennagroup.com.

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Powermat Technologies provides advanced Qi-certified and proprietary wireless power solutions for IoT, telecom (5G), automotive, robotics, consumer electronics, medical devices, and industrial applications. Powermat wireless power solutions and IP licensing programs enable global businesses to incorporate advanced wireless power into their products and customize solutions for unique use cases. Global market leaders including Samsung, General Motors, Flex, Harman International, Pivotal Commware, and Kyocera have adopted Powermat wireless power solutions. Over 800 million smartphones, 40 million embedded accessories, and 8 million cars worldwide have Powermat solutions inside.

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