PMT 350

PMT 350 Applications

  • Industrial and commercial robotics
  • High power domestic robotics
  • Large drones
  • High power telecom edge technology (CPE)
  • POE-based applications
  • E-bikes
  • E-scooters

PMT 350 Specifications

Product PMT 350
Category High Performance
Description High voltage, high current
Functionality Rx/Tx/RxTx
Max power 600W
Wireless power protocol Custom
    Load type Fixed voltage /Battery (charging algorithm)
    Max voltage 58V
    Max current 12.5A
    Input source Fixed DC/Battery/PV (MPPT algorithm)
    Max voltage 60V
    Max current 13A
Host interfaces IO/UART (RS232/LVTTL)/CAN
Data overpower +
FOD Q factor/Advanced
Coil size Custom- up to 200mm
Coil to coil distance 5mm-200mm (coil dependent)
Coils lateral misalignment Up to 50mm (coil dependent)
PCB size 55mm x 55mm