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Inductive charging has been around for decades and uses induction coils to create an alternating electromagnetic field, transferring energy from a transmitter unit to a receiver unit. The receiver unit then converts the energy into power that can charge a battery. Powermat’s wireless power platforms and IP enable companies worldwide to incorporate advanced wireless power into their products and customize solutions for unique use cases. The company’s wireless power technology can already be found in over 800 million smartphones, 40 million embedded accessories & 8 million cars and has been adopted by global market leaders such as Samsung, General Motors, Flex, Harman International, Pivotal Commware, and more.

wireless charging system

Wireless Charging System

Powermat was established to realize the vision of a 100% wireless world and unlock the full potential of wireless charging & power technology, eliminating the barriers closely associated with it and changing the way we transfer power.

Powermat’s wireless Charging Systems offer a hybrid approach to wireless power technology by bridging the gap between magnetic induction and resonance. Powermat’s innovative Wireless Charging & Wireless  Power Systems provide both standard-based (Qi®) and proprietary wireless power solutions for automotive & mobility, robotics, drones, consumer electronics, medical devices, IoT, telecom (5G), and Industrial applications. Powermat’s software-based wireless power system & platforms can be integrated into any standard microcontroller, offers more flexibility in design, and enables our team to tailor-fit wireless charging solutions with data connectivity for various types of use cases.


Powermat 100% Wireless

Wireless charging is here, and it’s here to stay, as more and more industries & products adopt wireless charging technology worldwide and leave traditional cable-bound energy transfer systems behind. In addition, we provide services of innovation development, R&D and engineering, standard and certification support, and IP licensing. To this date, Powermat has over 200 patent submissions and over 100 granted patents dating back to 2007.

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